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Broadway Fantasies Charitable Fund presents its annual song and dance revue and donates the proceeds to the Saint Louis County Office of Family and Community Services, which includes the County Older Resident Programs (CORP), the County Youth Programs, and Veterans Services.

When you purchase an ad in the Broadway Fantasies Program Booklet or purchase a ticket to see a Broadway Fantasies performance, you are supporting St. Louis' original musical production featuring primarily older entertainers.

In 1982, a group of retired singers and dancers approached the St. Louis County Older Resident Programs (CORP) staff and asked for support to stage a musical revue. CORP embraced the idea as a vibrant example of active aging, and The Senior Follies was born. Senior Follies performances continued throughout the 1980's.

In 1989, this original concept evolved into Broadway Fantasies, which not only showcased talented older singers and dancers but also began to raise funds for charitable causes. Broadway Fantasies became a not-for-profit corporation in 1992. Over the past three decades, the Broadway Fantasies Charitable Fund has raised over $100,000 for local charities, such as the Children's Miracle Network, St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf, St. Louis Association for Retarded Citizens, Edgewood Children's Center, the Older Women's League, the Special Education Enrichment Foundation, and the St. Louis County Older Resident Programs. As the primary staff support for the Broadway Fantasies productions, CORP has become the primary charitable beneficiary.

Monies distributed by the Fund are raised through ticket sales and playbook advertising. Approximately 1,400 people are expected to attend and see your ad in the playbook.

$15 Eighth Page Announcement Listing
$25 Quarter Page
$50 Half Page
$100 Full Page
$400 Color Inside Front Cover
$400 Color Inside Back Cover
$500 Color Outside Back Cover
$500 Black & White Inside 2 Page Center Spread

We can use your camera-ready ad, business card, logo, or previously used ad.

Mail your ad along with a check payable to Broadway Fantasies Charitable Fund (donations are tax-deductible) to :

Robert Rothenberg, Treasurer

Broadway Fantasies Charitable Fund

12147 Royal Valley Dr.

Creve Coeur, Missouri 63141


Chesterfield Family YMCA

16464 Burkhardt Place

Chesterfield, Missouri 63017



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